Saint-Petersburg, CEC Expoforum, pavilion «G»



On October 1-4, the EXPOFORUM Exhibition and Convention Center will host one of the most popular industry events - the international exhibition "Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency. Innovative technologies and equipment". Organizer - "FAREXPO" company.

The exhibition "Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency" is a unique industry project that contributes to the comprehensive solution of energy problems in industry and housing and communal services, infrastructure development of territories, energy and environmental safety.

The participants of the exhibition are large Russian and foreign companies that demonstrate advanced popular models and new products in the field of energy efficiency and resource conservation.

Progressive solutions and technologies will be presented by well-known companies in the market. Among them: Goreks-Svetotekhnika LLC, LuxON LLC, Matrix LLC, Heat Exchange LLC, Photon LLC, Center for Infrared Emitters LLC and others.

For the first time at the exhibition, novelties will be presented by Ardatovskiy Lighting Engineering Plant OJSC, LED Effect LLC, Pskov Electronic Equipment Plant LLC, Technoshans CJSC and others.

Every year, the exhibition is visited by delegations of the State Unitary Enterprise TEK of St. Petersburg, TGK-1, Petersburgteploenergo LLC, International Energy Saving Corporation LLC, SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC, representatives of Gazprom Group of Companies, Office of the President of the Russian Federation, State Duma of the Russian Federation, Public Chambers of the Russian Federation, the fuel and energy sector of the regions of Russia, non-profit associations and unions, design and engineering companies, industrial enterprises, investment companies and banks, specialists from city and regional CCIs, research institutes, centers and others.

The International Congress "Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency - Development Dynamics" is a key event of the exhibition "Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency". The agenda in 2019:

  • Energy saving, reliability and safety of domestic energy
  • Digitalization
  • Development priorities: centralized and distributed energy
  • Energy supply of the northern and remote territories

At the round table "Digitalization in heat and power supply. Tasks and Tools" will discuss the main tasks of digitalization of the energy industry, ways to support the development and implementation of digital technologies.

Centralized or distributed generation? This topic will be dedicated to the round table "Centralized and Distributed Energy. Integration issues. Local low-calorie fuels".

The prospects for the development of distributed energy are discussed in the round table “Innovations for Northern and Remote Territories”.

Is it possible to revive such a sector of the economy as the production of high-power gas turbines? Specialists will try to answer this question at the round table "Prospects for the reconstruction of the production of energy gas turbine plants in the Russian Federation."

The topic of innovations in the energy sector as a way to modernize the economy will be raised at round tables "Innovations to Help Improve the Reliability and Safety of Domestic Energy", "Actual Issues of the Development, Design and Implementation of Innovations: Designing in Heat and Gas Supply".

Today, the energy sector has already gained some experience in implementing concession agreements, often raising many questions. The round table “Concession agreements - practical aspects of preparation, conclusion and implementation. Experience. Barriers. Prospects. "

Exhibition "Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency. Innovative Technologies and Equipment" is held in conjunction with the international exhibitions "Ros-Gas-Expo", "Boilers and Burners" in the ECC "EXPOFORUM" in Pavilion G.

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