Saint-Petersburg, CEC Expoforum, pavilion «G»


On October 1-4, the Exhibition Center “EXPOFORUM” hosted the exhibition “Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency. Innovative Technologies and Equipment” is one of the most famous specialized industry events.

The latest equipment and solutions were presented by: Goreks-Svetotekhnika LLC, Luxon LLC, Matrica LLC, Sensor NPP, Heat Exchange LLC, Photon LLC, Center for Infrared Emitters LLC, and many others.

Each year, participants bring to the exhibition more and more advanced and modern solutions for the energy industry.

Center for Special Communications LLC introduced a universal Russian-made IoT platform for telemetry collection.

A-CONTRACT presented a multi-stage quality control system for CEA products, which allows checking all possible product defects.

«Explosion-proof and general industrial equipment plant “GOREX – Lighting” at their stand demonstrated Quant 1 of various modifications - modern and safe lighting fixtures designed for general lighting of objects and territories for various purposes. KVSA-1 - explosion-proof connection box, connecting box type СЯ and much more.

The ENERGON company presented the equipment for DELTA solar power plants, as well as uninterruptible power supplies.

Chait & Partners LLC, under the SOLAR trademark, presented explosion-proof solar modules designed for autonomous power supply of telemetry and telemechanics in hazardous areas of class 1 or 2.

At the stand of Pskov Electronic Equipment Plant LLC, high-precision stabilizers for elite and “smart houses”, for industry, construction, including street-mounted ones, were demonstrated; autotransformers, dynamic reactive power compensators and more.

Center for Special Communications LLC introduced a universal Russian-made IoT platform for telemetry collection.

At the Matrix company’s exhibition stand, electricity metering devices and additional equipment for AIIS KUE version “ADVANCED” were presented, which can operate in a system supporting two independent data transmission channels PLC and RF (G3-Hybrid technology).

RosEnergoKontakt company demonstrated innovative technologies for cleaning electrical equipment using dielectric means.

The Center for Infrared Emitters LLC showed TANSUN short-wave infrared emitters, as well as the products of the German infrared equipment manufacturer KÜBLER GmbH.

For the first time at the exhibition, innovations were presented by the companies OJSC Ardatovskiy Lighting Engineering Plant, LLC LED-Effect, LLC Pskov Electronic Equipment Plant, CJSC Technoshans, ENERGON and others.

The International Congress “Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency - Development Dynamics” accompanied the work of the exhibition “Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency”. The main topics of the Congress 2019 were digitalization, development of innovations and ways of their implementation, design, reliability and safety.

In the framework of the Plenary session “Energy Efficiency - Development Dynamics: Innovation, Digitalization, Security”, such topical issues for the industry were discussed as: “State policy in the field of energy efficiency. Barriers to the implementation of energy efficiency policies”, “Key indicators for monitoring compliance with the requirements of the Russian energy security doctrine regarding reliable provision of consumers of resources”, as well as at the seminar “Actual issues of development, design and implementation of innovations: Design in heat and gas supply” were discussed regulatory documents, exchanged views on organizational and technological aspects, the presentation of exclusive projects.

During the days of the congress, a field meeting of the NWFD NES branch was held under the Working Group of the Council of the Federation to monitor the implementation of legislation in the field of energy, energy conservation and energy efficiency on the topic “Legislative and technological support for the development of electric transport in the Russian Federation. Implementation of the charging infrastructure creation program ”and the round table“ Digitalization in heat and electricity supply. Tasks and Tools.

Their participants discussed the main tasks of digitizing the energy industry, ways to support the development and implementation of digital technologies, highlighted the most important areas for creating a Smart City. The heads and specialists of companies involved in the development, production and implementation of equipment for charging networks and electric vehicles shared their practical experience in developing the direction, organizational and technological barriers, and improving legislation.

Issues such as ways to improve legislative support, state support for the development of electric transport as a priority area of the country's economic policy, the need for an integrated model for the development of a charging network, the creation of a Smart heating network and the organization of an outdoor lighting system as the most important positions of Smart City, etc. were considered.

The issue of centralized and distributed generation was devoted to the round table “Centralized and distributed energy. Integration issues. Local low-calorie fuels”.

The round table “Innovations in the energy sector for northern and remote territories” discussed promising directions for the development of the Arctic and remote territories, ways to overcome obstacles in their reliable energy supply.

A scientific and practical conference “Transformation of Electric Power Systems” was also held. The conference participants noted that the key factors contributing to the acceleration of the transformation of energy systems are: a strong synergistic relationship between energy efficiency and renewable energy; development of a highly efficient component base for the creation of automated power drives of mobile energy and transport and technological means; increase in the share of electricity production from renewable energy sources; development of a comprehensive program for the development of electrification in various fields of activity: transport, agribusiness, utilities, construction, industry; significant systemic innovations.

Following the discussion, a resolution was adopted that included proposals on the main promising areas and mechanisms for the development of the domestic electric power industry.

The question of the possible revival of such a sector of the economy as the production of high-power gas turbines was devoted to the round table "Prospects for reconstructing the production of energy gas turbine plants in the Russian Federation".

The topic of innovations in the energy sector as a way to modernize the economy was discussed at round tables “Innovations to Help Improve the Reliability and Safety of Domestic Energy”, “Actual Issues of Development, Design and Implementation of Innovations: Designing in Heat and Gas Supply”.

The round table “Concession agreements - practical aspects of preparation, conclusion and implementation. An experience. Barriers. Prospects”.

Exhibition “Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency. Innovative technologies and equipment” was held in conjunction with the international exhibitions “Ros-Gas-Expo”, “Boilers and Burners” in the ECC “EXPOFORUM”.